Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Decoupled Mass Loaded Vinyl for walls and ceilings

It is a common myth that simply installing plain mass loaded vinyl directly to a drywall ceiling or wall will give you maximum soundproofing. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the MLV does not have a dead air space in order to resonate, it will not perform to it's maximum. MLV always works best when it is nailed or stapled directly to the open studs on a wall or the joist of a ceiling.
Now if you already have drywall up and need a product to adhere directly to it, you can use a mass loaded vinyl that has a decoupling foam attached to it. This decoupling foam will actually allow the MLV to resonate even when layered over with another sheet of drywall.
We have discovered that this method if sealed properly is very effective at blocking airborne noise and will even help some with impact noise from above. As you know from other articles on this blog, floating a ceiling or walls using sound clips and furring channels is always the most effective way to alleviate footfall noise from the floor above.
Now there are 2 varieties of the MLV with decoupler, one has an open cell foam mat bonded directly to the MLV and the other has a closed cell foam bonded to it. Both products are effective, but the one with the closed cell foam is the better material as the foam will both decouple and block sound. The open cell foam in itself has no soundproofing qualities; it is strictly used for decoupling and giving the MLV a little bit of dead air space in which to resonate.
The professionals at Soundproofing America can help you pick the right materials for any soundproofing project you may have. It doesn't matter if your soundproofing 10 Sq ft or 10,000 sq ft, we have knowledge and products to help you get the job done right. If you are in the construction phase of your new home and know you need soundproofing in certain areas, please give us a call, we will advise you on which product will work best for your situation, and will have the materials there when and where you need them. Thanks for learning about decoupled mass loaded vinyl.


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