Monday, October 31, 2005

Commercial Soundproofing

In this day and age of new condo and townhome developments, commercial soundproofing is becoming an essential part of any new development. If you have an upstairs unit that utilizes engineered wood flooring, a good soundproof flooring underlay is an absolute must. Commercial developers are realizing this and adding soundproofing to their plans and blueprints especially when dealing with multi level/ Multi family units. There are many flooring products out there, so how do you find the one that is right for you? The experts at Soundproofing America Inc. deal with commercial soundproofing issues on a daily basis. We carry the soundproof flooring materials that the other guys just don't have, and we sell these products to the commercial contractors and developers at a competitive prices.
The other commercial soundproofing issues have to do with soundproofing party walls between units. Despite staggered stud walls and the use of R-19 insulation, oft times these walls do not have the mass needed for adequate soundproofing. Products such as American mass loaded vinyl can be the most economical and effective method for soundproofing both common party walls as well as interior walls where soundproofing between rooms is essential. All of our soundproofing products can be installed after construction is complete, however, it is so much easier and more effective if they are installed during the construction phase of each unit.
There are commercial soundproofing applications for every phase of any new or remodeled development. When you need quick answers to all of you residential and commercial soundproofing needs, the answers are at your fingertips by either calling the technical staff at Soundproofing America, or simply by going to the website and clicking on the button "e-mail a tech". We answer all e-mails the same day we receive them and are here to serve you when the need arises. We have commercial soundproofing experts available 5 days a week and 24 hours a day via e-mail. If you are a contractor or a commercial developer and need soundproofing products, please feel free to call us toll free and we will be happy to advise you and then have your products on the jobsite when and where you need them. Thanks you for counting on the professionals at Soundproofing America, for all of your commercial and residential soundproofing needs.

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