Thursday, July 28, 2005


The Fall is nigh upon us, and fall is generally the season for soundproofing your Home condo, townhouse, or apartment. The weather has cooled by then and you will be more motivated to get the job completed. For the most part, October is the real beginning of the soundproofing season. Most people want to get their soundproofing complete before the harsh winter sets in and they are couped up in their houses with a noisy upstairs neighbor, or the guy next door, who just decided he needs to learn the electric guitar.
Soundproofing in this days and age has become essential, at least to the vast majority of the population. More and more folks are opting for the private home theater, or their own home recording studio. With the price of gasoline, more people than ever are finding their entertainment on the homefront. I never thought high gas brices could ever be beneficial, but it has become so for the soundproofing industry.
If you and the family go out to the latest "Harry Potter" film, count on spending at least $60 once the Goobers and popcorn are all paid for. Goobers, boy am I giving my age aways or what. At $60 a pop for one movie, peaple are realizing that they can build their own home theater and watch movies anytime they want day or night. This is where good quality soundproofing comes into play. Most people think about soundproofing for their home theater after they receive their first complaint from a neighbor or worse, the police show up. My point here is to think about soundproofing as a priority and not an after thought. In most instances ( unless you live way out in the boonies) soundproofing is going to be absolutely essential.
When you are in the planning stages for your home theater, you home recording studio or even youe new home construction, make soundproofing a priority, believe me, you'll be glad you did.
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