Monday, July 11, 2005

Soundproofing in California

California, is growing by leaps and bounds, we all know that, but with growth comes the lack of affordable single family housing. What this housing glut does is shed new light on the Condo and townhouse market. Most condo's in Southern California are more costly than most single family detached homes throughout the United States. This is especially true in places like San Diego and Orange County.
Now we must learn to live with neighbors. Talk about culture shock!! The remedy of course is to isolate your living quarters as best you can from your neighbors. Chances are that they won't have the same taste in music or television programs as you have, but nevertheless you may be forced to listen to their music or television whether you want too or not.
What's the answer to this delemma, short of homicide. (and I have had people who have felt like homicide). Your best and most economical option is to soundproof your living space from the annoying neighbors next door or above and from outside disturbances. But where do you start? First you find a soundproofing company that is genuinely interested in your sound issues and is not worried about their company's bottomline. There are a few good companies that offer free consulatations and will help to get you on the road to soundproofing your condo, duplex or townhome.
I like to think the Soundproofing America is one of those companies. We indeed offer free consultations and all we ask is that you buy your soundproofing products from us when you have decided to soundproof.
We are a Southern California business, and though we have not been in business as long as some of the "Big Boys" we have the experience and know how to get you through the rigors of soundproofing your home. We can recommend Soundproofing contractors in your area, who can evaluate your noise issues and offer sound and economical soundproofing options designed around any budget.
We are also geared to the needs of the home do-it-yourselfers out there that have the skills and abilities to do this work on their own, but lack the soundproofing knowledge.
When it comes to soundproofing what might be your dream or retirement home, you definitely need a company you can trust, with a knowledgable technical staff as well as someone who will stand behind their products every step of the way. You need Soundproofing America.
We will be there when you need us. Thanks for reading and learning together.
Call Toll free (877) 530-0139

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