Thursday, June 30, 2005

Google and Soundproofing

The battle for top rankings on Google for "soundproofing" keywords has been an up hill climb at best, however we have found that our loyal customers are able to find us and appreciate the technical services and materials we offer. They know quality service and want to deal with a company that has their best interests at heart. We are a company that is more customer oriented than bottomline oriented and they know that. We all have to make a living, but if you are able to make your living and still adhere to Christian values and ethics, the people will come.
There is a lot of competition for the soundproofing dollar and we are beginning to see the value of top rankings on Google, MSN and Yahoo, not to mention the wonderful folks on AOL. We have learned that no matter how great the quality of our services or our products, if the customers can't find you, then you're dead in the water. It has been a hard lesson learned, but we have learned it well. What we are suggesting is that when you are looking for a quality soundproofing company, you might want to look a little further than page one of your Google search, keeping in mind that those large companies that are top ranked on Google have spent thousands to be there and guess who pays that cost?
That's my perspective, we welcome yours. Thank you.

Dr. Bob

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