Monday, June 27, 2005

New Information On Mass Loaded Vinyl Installation

It seems like forever that we have told our customers that Mass Loaded Vinyl installed directly over existing drywall is effective, and though this is true, we have discovered that if you attach 1" (wood) furring strips on to the existing wall or ceiling first and then attach the MLV directly to these furring strips as opposed to directly over the existing drywall, you will create the ability for the MLV to move or flex and act like a floated wall or ceiling to a degree. You will also be a decoupling with a dead air space between the existing stud or joist structure and the new drywall. You'll still want to drywall over top of the MLV attaching the new drywall directly to the furring strips. We are experiencing much better results using this method. It doesn't take that much more work or money and the increase in soundproofing is amazing. At soundproofing America we are always on the quest to find better installation methods as well as the state-of-the art soundproofing materials and products.

Dr Bob.

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