Friday, June 03, 2005

The poor mans ceiling and wall float

When soundproofing your home cost is always an issue, however doing nothing should never be an option. I’m sure many of you have read the method for ceiling and wall soundproofing using resilient channels or the Americlip and furring channels. These are both great methods for stopping sound transmission from one room to another or from floor to ceiling in a multi level unit. Keep in mind that the sound clips are by far the most effective method, yet they can be costly depending on the amount of area you need to cover.
If you are building on a strict budget there is another method that can be use that is not widely known. We here at Soundproofing America call it “The poor man’s float” It is a simple method of placing a specialized isolation tape directly onto the face studs or ceiling joists prior to screwing in your drywall. With this method you would not necessarily need to maintain the ¼” gap around the perimeter of your wall or ceiling. Basically this method actually alleviates the direct wall to stud or drywall to joist contact. This procedure, in conjunction with a Roxul (rock wool) or a mineral wool bat sound insulator installed in the wall or ceiling cavity, helps to stop the sound transmission from room to room or from floor to ceiling.
The Sound Isolation tape is available from Soundproofing America as are detailed instructions for its installation. This method though not as effective as a full sound clip and furring channel float, it is however still an effective method for soundproofing on a budget. This tape can also be used to give your walls the staggered stud effect, without actually staggering them. Please feel free to call our toll free help line for this and other innovative soundproofing ideas. Thanks for reading and learning.

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