Friday, June 03, 2005

Soundproofing America

I would like to introduce myself and my company. I am Dr. Bob and along with my partner Scott, we run a soundproofing supply company in Southern California called Soundproofing America, Inc. Our premier product is knowledge and it is free when you visit : We know that giving our customers complete information about soundproofing, we are fostering an immediate trust with them and they are at ease when they call us. Potential customers feel comfortable learning about soundproofing on their own. Soundproofing has come a long way over the years and we feel that the more knowledgable our customers are, the happier they will be with their results. As it states on our website, soundproofing is not "rocket science," however, as in any construction project, attention to detail is imperative to obtain the results you need for your home theater, recording studio, sound control booth or any soundproofing project you are undertaking. We specialize in soundproof floors, walls, ceilings, and entire rooms. We have sound conditioning products as well as a vast array of soundproofing products specifically geared to the do it yourselfer (DIY).
I have made a commitment to my customers and to myself to keep this blog up to date with the latest and greatest soundproofing and sound conditioning news. Please feel free to visit our website at your leisure and thank you for trusting Soundproofing America, with all of your soundproofing and sound conditioning needs.

As Always,

Dr. Bob
Call Toll free (877) 530-0139

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