Friday, June 17, 2005

Green Glue results coming soon

It looks like our New York contractor will be doing a soundproofing project using the infamous Green Glue" The "Green Glue" is applied between the existing drywall wall and the first layer of new sheetrock. The GG is troweled onto the existing wall and then a new layer of drywall installed over top the existing wallboard. This will be performed twice, meaning there will actually be a 3rd layer of rock trowled with the Green Glue.
I am excited to see the results of this project, though according to manufacturers instructions, the full effect will not be known for at least 10 days after the application/installation.
The green glue is a visco elastic dampening compound that is used for structure dampening and also stops flanking sound transmission within a wall or ceiling cavity. If this experiment is a success, I feel personally that it will revolutionize the soundproofing industry. We are all praying that this install is successful. Stay tuned for the latest results which should be posted here by months end.

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