Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Argentina and Rhode Island Soundproofing Foam Disasters

The recent fire in Buenos Aires, Argentina was a major tragedy. The fire was caused by someone setting off fireworks at an indoor concert at a niteclub. From news reports, it appears to be a normal practice at some indoor nite clubs to set off sparklers and various other incendiary devices. Well, in this case, those devices ignited sound conditioning urethane foam that was in the ceiling for improving the club's acoustics. The resulting fire and smoke killed around 200 people. This is similar to the tragedy that happened a few years ago in a Rhode Island nite club when the pyrotechnics by the band "Great White" set aflame the panels that were purported to be "soundproofing". Everyone should be aware of two issues that come from these examples: 1. Quite a few of the sound conditioning acoustical products are far from being fireproof. 2. Soundproofing and Sound Conditioning are two entirely different acoustical terms. One needs to be aware of the flammability of any materials purchased for their do-it-yourself (DIY) project.
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