Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Air conditioners and outdoor generators

Summers is finally here and we are getting tons of calls about soundproofing airconditioning compressors and camping generators. The key to soundproofing these devices is to always make sure the unit has enough ventilation to operate properly. Generally soundproofing a generator involves constructing an enclosure of some type with or without a roof or canopy. These enclosures should be lined with a closed cell foam mat, (America mat) or you have the option of using the very weather resistant PEPP panels. Both materials are weather resistant and great for soundproofing and sound absorption. The PEPP panels can even be painted. PEPP is a little more costly, but it does offer a greater sound absorption.
The enclosure needs to be at least 6 to 8' above the noise source, obviously the higher the enclosure, the better blockage you'll get.
We are presently working with a customer who is attempting to block airconditioning compressor noise from their next door neighbor. The big challenge is the fact that the customer is blocking the noise of the compressor to his second story window. This is indeed a challenge as he's able to look directly down onto the compressor and there is a direct path for the sound traveling upwards. We are working at a barrier enclosure that the deflects the sound away from the upper window and out to the back of the neighbors house. It is indeed a challenge, but we are up for it. If you need help in soundproofing a generator or an airconditioning compressor, please call the sound experts at Soundproofing America.
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