Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Methods for soundproofing your floor (American Impact Pro and American Impact)

In our un ending search for the finest in soundproofing materials, we have found a new floor under layment product that can be used to stop a large amount of impact noise, (foot fall noise) from being transmitted to the floor below. The name of this remarkable product is "American Impact Pro, as well as the Regular American Impact under layment. The Am Impact Pro has a rigged bottom and can provide STC ratings of 50 STC and above. The IIC (Impact Isolation Coefficient) can be as much as 64 IIC . This product is made for, you guessed it, recycled rubber, so you are actually helping the environment while you're soundproofing your floors.
The American Impact and the American Impact Pro can be adhered to your floor with a special adhesive and we would recommend that you caulk all the seams as well as the perimeter with a good acoustical sound caulk,(like OSI-175) and once the seams and perimeter are caulked, you would want to tape over the caulked seams with a MLV sealer tape.
The good news is that now you can put down any type of floor directly atop of this product, and the tile or grout will not crack or break. The sheets are 4' x 6" and will be placed on the floor pretty much the same way as you'd lay down the peel and stick vinyl tiles. It is approximately 5/8" thick so door jams and base boards will need to be considered before ordering this material from us. For more information on this and other floor soundproofing materials, just remember "Soundproofing America". We have the newest state-of-the- art soundproofing products and our helpful and friendly staff is there to help you with any installation instructions or your questions in general. Thanks for reading about the latest in floor soundproofing agents.

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