Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Soundproof flooring Products

Soundproofing a floor has always been ambiguous at best, I am here to clear things up a bit about soundproofing a floor. There are many soundproofing companies out there telling their customers that Mass loaded vinyl works well as a floor underlay. I am here to tell you that MLV is not an effective floor soundprooing agent. MLV needs a dead air space in order to resonate and thus be able to meet the higher STC values that the manufacturers put on this product. There are much more effective soundproof floor underlays that do not need to resonate to be effective. One is called Impact Pro and is available exclusively at It is not yet listed on the pricing pages as it is a new product for us, but you can inquire about it by calling us toll free @ (877) 530-0139 and we can help you with complete installation instructions and can take your order for this great new product over the phone. There is another product that we carry called Impact Standard which is nearly as effective as the Impact Pro, but is much less costly. Both materials are made from a recycled rubber composite and both are extremely effective at combating impact noise from a wood or tile floor above. These materials come in 2'X2' squares or in the easy to use 4' X 6' sheets.
If you are soundproofing a floor in a condo, apartment or townhome, these materials are by far the best for stopping that annoying footfall from the floor above. It is much more effective for floor applications than MLV or any other barrier product. Remember, that MLV is great for wall and ceiling applications, but when it comes to your floors, always go for the Impact Pro or the Impact Standard for your floor underlay.
Please feel free to call us at Soundproofing America anytime for the very best in soundproofing materials and acoustical treatment products.

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