Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Southern California Soundproofing Contractor Available

This is a first, our Southern California Soundproofing Contractor, John Granahan actually has some openings in his busy schedule. Soundproofing contractors are a rare breed indeed and so it is rare to find one with openings in his schedule. If you are in need of a great Soundproofing contractor who covers the area from Santa Barbara County to the Mexican border, please call Soundproofing America toll free or simply go to John's website and contact him directly. Go to: http://www.granahanconstruction.com/ here you can see the step by step processes that John and his team of soundproofing experts perform on most every soundproofing project they do. Haven't you been living with those noisy upstairs neighbor long enough? What about the loud next door neighbor who thinks the Ozzie Ozbourne is considered to be classical music and everyone should enjoy it? Isn't it time to call the professionals at Soundproofing America to schedule and appointment with John and his elete team of experts? Remember, that no matter if you are soundproofing an airconditioning compressor or doing a complete remodel including soundproofing and acoustical treatments, at Granahan Construction, no job is to large or too small. Thanks for reading and learning together.
As Always, Dr. Bob

e-mail: dr.bob@soundproofingamerica.com
Call Toll free (877) 530-0139

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