Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Residential Soundproofing

Residential soundproofing is for the most part the bread and butter of the soundproofing industry. Over 90% of our clientele are residential soundproofing customers. Always keep in mind that soundproofing should never be done as a last resort especially if you are living in a multi family dwelling such as a condo, townhouse or a co-op conversion. We have found that many residential soundproofing customers are dealing with upstairs neighbors who have engineered hardwood floors and the impact noise that is transmitted to the downstairs neighbors is astounding. Noise from an upstairs unit is by far the most common problem for our customers. There are many solutions to these issues, and some are actually quite affordable. Others such as installing a floated ceiling can be very labor intensive. Before embarking on such a project it is always best to consult a soundproofing expert. The professionals at Soundproofing America are experts and deal with these issues on a daily basis. They will always recommend the most effective products for your individual soundproofing needs. If a less expensive product will meet your needs, we will tell you so right up front. When our customers get the results they are looking for and save time and money in the process, they have a tendency to tell their friends and neighbors. This is especially true in a condo or apartment situation as generally all of the downstairs neighbors are dealing with the same soundproofing issues.
Many of our customers are not contractors and they feel that to attain the results the want, they need to hire a contractor in this particular field of expertise. Soundproofing contractors are few and far between. As a general rule, we have found that any competent contractor can install our product and obtain some remarkable results. Keep in mind that the word "soundproofing" is a misleading term. What you are actually looking for is to reduce the noise to a tolerable level. Keep your expectations realistic and you will always be happy with your results.
There are many other residential soundproofing issues that will be discussed at a later time. If you need immediate soundproofing help, please do not hesitate to call one of the pro’s at Soundproofing America. Thank you for reading and learning.

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