Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Soundproof Carpet Underlay's

In past articles we have talked extensively about soundproofing underlay's for hardwood flooring and tile. This article will deal with soundproof carpet underlay's. Many people think that simply rolling out a layer of mass loaded vinyl onto the subfloor and then installing your carpet and pad will protect the neighbors downstairs from hearing the impact (footfall noise) coming from the unit above. Unfortunately this is not the case. MLV needs to maintain a dead air space between the sub floor and the the vinyl itself in order to resonate with the sounds thus canceling it out. The MLV's ability to resonate will give you the STC numbers you desire and it will work to it's full potential.
We have discovered that it is better to use a carpet underlay that does not need to resonate in order to give you maximum soundproofing. There are a variety of carpet underlays that fit this bill, one is known as American Impact Pro. It is the exact same product that is used for impact protection under hardwood and tile floors. American Impact Pro and it's brother American Impact Standard are both proven state-of-the-art underlays for almost any floor covering available. The only exception is marble flooring. There are other soundproofing underlay's specifically designed for marble and are available through this website: www.soundproofingamerica.com
There is also an economical alternative to the more costly Impact Pro and Impact Standard which is simply called "Impactless". It does not offer the same impact protection that you'd get from Impact Pro and Impact Standard, but for the budget minded it is a very realistic alternative and is much less costly to purchase and to ship. We have gotten some good feedback on all of these products. When you are thinking about carpet underlay products, look no further than the professionals at Soundproofing America. We have the industrial strength materials to soundproof any floor. Thanks for reading and learning.

For more information on carpet underlays, please call a professional at (877) 530-0139 Thank you.

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