Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mass Loaded Vinyl, the worlds best Soundproofer

I suppose anyone who has ever looked into soundproofing has come across a material called "Mass Loaded Vinyl" or MLV for short. Mass loaded vinyl is a limpid vinyl mat that is impregnated with silica's and barium salts, just to name a few. It is designed to emulate lead sheeting and is fast becoming a commonly used building material. Soundproofing is essential in today's stress filled environments. In this fast paced world, people are looking for peace and solitude when they return home from work. With the average price of a condominium selling in the $400K to $700K range it only makes sense that soundproofing would be a high priority in the construction process. Most contractors are unfamiliar with soundproofing methods and materials. It is up to the homebuyer to ask about soundproofing and what measures will be taken to assure a quiet living space.
If you are purchasing a condo or town house and you be on the lower level, soundproofing can mean the difference between getting full nights sleep and spending the night pacing the floor because the neighbors upstairs are too noisy. Take the time to investigate what measures were taken to soundproof the floors above or the ceiling below. Soundproofing issues are even present in multi million dollar units throughout the United States.
Mass Loaded vinyl is a soundproofing agent that can allot you the peace and quiet you are paying for when you purchase a condo or multi family dwelling. When the walls and ceilings are properly treated with this material, you will experience the peace and privacy you deserve.
There are however some misconceptions about mass loaded vinyl and I would like to clear those up now.
MLV is not recommended for use as a floor underlay. MLV needs to have a dead air space, which will allow it to resonate as the sound tries to pass through it. If the vinyl is laid directly atop a sub floor with new flooring installed directly on top of it, there is no space for the vinyl to resonate. Mass loaded vinyl is great for walls and ceilings, but if you are looking to soundproof a floor, you will want to look into materials that do not need to resonate in order to work properly.
There are some excellent recycled rubber products that are excellent at alleviating impact noise as well as airborne sounds from the unit above. There flooring products are mentioned throughout this blog. If you need more information about mass loaded vinyl or any of our soundproofing products, please go to our website: and view the wide array of the finest soundproofing products on the planet.
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