Thursday, November 03, 2005

Drywall Contractors and soundproofing options

I am always surprised that drywall contractors don't offer soundproofing as an option to their customers. It would be a great way to diversify their business and would give their customers more options to choose from when it comes to remodeling or new construction. Soundproofing contractors are extremely rare in this day and age and the demand for soundproofing in condos, apartments and co-ops is staggering. The majority of our soundproofing products are easy to install and extremely effective at blocking and absorbing unwanted noise from next-door neighbors or from noisy neighbors living in an upper unit.
Soon soundproofing will not be an option but a requirement in all new condo's town homes and apartments. Already many city ordinances require a 50-55 STC rating for all floor to ceiling construction as well as at least a 40 STC rating for party walls. With the proper soundproofing materials, these requirements can indeed be met. There are soundproof flooring options that alone offer 40 to 50 STC's, that added to the STC rating of the floor will usually meet any city or county requirements for sound ratings in these multi family units.
If you are a contractor interested in offering soundproofing as an option to your customers, please call us here at Soundproofing America and we will give you the knowledge and can provide the materials you will need to accomplish your soundproofing goals.
There are state-of- the- art soundproofing materials such as mass loaded vinyl that are ready for immediate delivery. We have distribution points throughout The United States and can even arrange for you to pickup your materials if you are within a 100 mile radius.
As a general rule, it is always best to apply the soundproofing materials during the construction phase where it can be installed prior to dry walling. With the cost of housing skyrocketing it only makes sense that soundproofing should be an integral part of any new construction project. There are many lawsuits filed each year due to sound issues in newly constructed or converted condo or co-op developments. Most people who spend $500K to $1M for a high end condo or town home, definitely don’t want to hear their upstairs neighbors as they walk across their engineered hardwood floor.
Soundproofing is becoming and integral part of all new construction and it will pay in the long run for contractors to become knowledgeable about soundproofing materials and methods. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. If you need information on soundproofing materials and installation methods, please call the pro’s at Soundproofing America, we will be glad to help you. Thanks for reading and learning together.

Bob O.
Soundproofing Specialist
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