Thursday, December 15, 2005

Soundproof windows coming soon To Soundproofing America!!!

Soundproofing America will soon be offering a new soundproof window and window insert. We don't have a lot of details on these new windows, but the manufacturer has a great track record for offering new and innovative products. We are grateful that they allow us first crack at selling them to our loyal customers. The New windows will be competively priced with as well as the Magna Seal window inserts from Petit Industries in Maine. Now you will have a product that is easy to install and remove and will give you upwards of 65 -70 dB sound reduction for each window or window insert. That is pretty amazing. I will provide more details on the new windows as soon as they become available, so keep me in your bookmarks or favorites. Thanks all. Soundproof windows are Cool!!!

Dr. Bob
Senior Technical Director
Call Toll free (877) 530-0139

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