Monday, December 12, 2005


The Soundproofing Industry is looking forward to a banner year in 2006! There are new products coming out on the market nearly everyday. Soundproofing has become an essential commodity in todays housing market. There are more and more multi family units being built than ever before. This is a definite sign that the soundproofing industry will be booming in 2006. There will be city ordinances and requirements for soundproofing in these multi family dwellings and Soundproofing America will be right there to meet the needs of the most strict of guidelines. We look forward to serving the needs of the commercial and industrial communities throughout the continental United States and Canada. Soundproofing America is a growing Company with an ever expanding line of acoustical and soundproofing products, not to mention the finest technical service in the nation. When you need the finest in Soundproofing or Acoustical Treatment products, you won't find a better company for both price and service than Soundproofing America, your #1 online resource.
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Bob O.
Senior Technical Advisor
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