Friday, November 25, 2005

Restaurant Acoustical treatments

Have you ever been in a restaurant where you could clearly hear the people talking 5 tables away, but were unable to hear the person sitting right across from you? This is very common today in restaurants, coffee houses and nite clubs. In an attempt to impress their clientel, these venues will utilize hard faced materials that are aesthetically pleasing such as granite, marble or ceramic tile. These surfaces look very impressive, but they can make speech inteligibility nearly impossible. Hard surfaces can cause your restaurant to have up to a 7 second reverb time. This makes normal conversation nearly impossible and leaves the restaurant customer feeling like he didn't enjoy the meal as much simply because the acoustics were so bad.
The only way to combat a situation like this is to add absorbent materials to the walls and ceilings. Some of the harshness in these areas can be helped with the use of fabric covered chairs and of course carpeting helps to a degree. In essence, due to all the reflective hards surfaces the sound is bouncing around like a beebee in a boxcar. For optimum acoustics you would want to reduce the the reverb times to 1 second or less. This can be accomplished with the use of hanging baffles, absorbent wall treatments such as fiberglass filled fabric covered panels which would be adhered or fastened to the existing wall surfaces. These acoustical treatment products are generally pleasing to the eye and will dramatically cut down the reverb times in larger cavernous type venues that emply hard reflective surfaces.
Hanging baffles are designed to stop the reflective sounds from bouncing off of the ceilings and down to the walls and floors. They act as both defusers and sound absorbers, and can be color coordinated to match the interior of the restaurant. For the most part your customers will not even know that they are there. They will simply be able to enjoy themselves more because of the better acoustics and will then be more apt to return to your restaurant often.

Soundproofing America specializes in designing and implimenting these sound conditioning systems. Every acoustical situation is different and therefore we are able to perform a computer generated acoustical analysis on your restaurant and then recommend the perfect product to solve your sound issues.
Products include Bonded Acoustical cotton panels, Bass traps, hanging baffle systems, fabric covered panels, sail cloth, floating clouds, acoustic suede, as well as a wide array of colorful wall and ceiling treatments.
We carry the same products as the "Big Boy's" do, but without the big price tags.
Soundproofing America also has access to the finest in acoustical curtains and draperies. When you are ready to have your restauant, nite club, or studio acoustically tuned, call the professionals at Soundproofing America, you'll be glad you did. Thanks for reading and learning together.

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