Thursday, December 15, 2005

Prototype for the dBA sound panels is out NOW!

I just talked to the manufacturer of the new dBA tri functional panels for studio and home theater use. He says that the new panels look and function fantastically and will be the latest and greatest innovation in the Acoustical Treatment and Soundproofing Industries to date. There is even a dBA panel for drop ceilings as well. The new dBA panels should revolutionize the studio and home theater markets as it offers the best of all worlds in one single unit.
This new product will be offered from in early 2006 so please bookmark this blog or the website to find out the release date. We here at Soundproofing America are very excited about the new dBA panels and are preparing to market them strongly in the coming year. Picture in your mind one single awesome looking panel that will work in a "T" bar ceiling, plain drywall or concrete walls, as well as in most ceiling applications. You get soundproofing, sound absorption, and and sound diffusion all in one. No other product can claim to be as multifunctional as the new dBA acoustical panels. I will continue to update all you audiofiles and studio junkies (that's me) as to the exact date of release for this new product, that way you can be the first one on your block to have these panels installed in your home theater or studio. Imagine what it will be like when they come in different colors as well! Does life get any better?
Thanks for reading and learning together.

Dr. Bob
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