Monday, November 21, 2005

Green Glue Soundproofing

It looks like Soundproofing America is ready to get onboard with the "Green Glue." This product will actually revolutionize the soundproofing industry. Instead of the expense of installing heavy materials for sound blocking, Green glue concentrates on deadening the structure and the drywall as opposed to blocking the sound with lead or mass loaded vinyl. Deadening seems to be very effective especially when dealing with impact noise from above. Foot fall noise has always been one of the most difficult noises to combat. They industry standard for impact noise has been to float the ceiling or wall with resilient channels or sound clips and furring channel. The Green Glue saves a lot in labor and installation costs. Basically the Green Glue is a Visco Elastic dampening material that is placed between layers of drywall. The more layer of drywall treated with the glue, the better the soundproofing will be. According to Audio Alloy (makers of the Green Glue) Green glue fairs much better than other soundproofing products such as mass loaded vinyl, lead, and soundproof foams. This we will need to verify, but the latest field tests do prove this products to be a superb sound deadening agent. Structure deadening equates to good soundproofing especially when it comes to impact noise from above.
We look forward to working with the folks at Audio Alloy and plan to make the Green Glue an integral part of our soundproofing arsenal. Thanks for reading and learning about this phenomenal product.

As Always,
Bob O.
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