Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Excitement over Green Glue Continues!!

The Green Glue is breaking lots of new ground in the soundproofing industry. Some of the largest soundproofing Companies in the country are getting on the Green Glue bandwagon. Green Glue is as effective as many of the standard soundproofing materials such as lead sheeting or mass loaded vinyl and though these products are still great soundproofing agents, they are heavy and at times costly to ship. Green Glue on the other hand is not heavy and comes in cases of 12 tubes (each case covers 192 sq ft) and the cases are easy and cheap to ship. If you are doing new construction or a complete remodel where you are not demoing the walls, then Green Glue is the effective and logical choice for all of your soundproofing needs. If you are in the process of building a garage studio or a home theater, Green Glue gives you a whole new world of soundproofing options. This product is simple and easy to use and gives you superb soundproofing results especially at the lower frequency spectrum.
If you are remodeling a bathroom, don't demo the walls, instead add another layer of sheetrock that is backed with the Green glue. Sandwich the Green Glue between layers of drywall for some excellent sound isolation and structural dampening. It is a well-known fact that a well-dampened stud or joist structure makes for a much quieter wall or ceiling. Remember, Green Glue is great for combating impact noise from above.
The more you know about Green Glue the easier it is for you to add soundproofing to nearly every building project you undertake.
Contractors are learning about this amazing sound dampening product and it is giving them many more options for soundproofing home theaters, studios, and garage or basement practice rooms.
Read about Green Glue at or go to and read the specifications on the Green Glue. Now for the best price on Green Glue including great shipping rates, call the professionals at Soundproofing America (877) 530-0139 they can help you with your Green Glue questions and can take your order right over the phone. The learn more about soundproofing come to where you can e-mail a tech or can call with your questions toll free 6 days a week.
Remember, when peace of mind is all that matters, Soundproofing America.
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