Thursday, July 27, 2006

Soundproof product line Soundproofing America

Soundproofing America is passionate about soundproofing. Our technical staff is available 6 days a week. We know soundproofing and can deal with all of your soundproofing issues. Our product line includes:

· America mat soundproof foam
· Mass loaded vinyl barriers
· Green Glue dampening compound
· Americlips sound clips
· Acoustical treatment products
· Lead tape
· Acoustical caulks and sealants
· Echoless sound absorption panels
· Silent panel polypropylene bead board tiles
· American Fabric covered panels
· American Pyramid panels
· American Wedge panels
· Bassoak bass traps
· America duct liner
· Greensound cotton batt insulation
· American dBA sound diffusion panels
· Truacoustics professional grade studio windows 45 and 56 STC
· American Sound Blankets
· American Sound Isolation tape (for studs and joists)
· Echoless roll material

We are not the biggest, but we offer better pricing and lower cost shipping than the “Big Boys”. When peace and quiet is all that matters call the Pro’s at Soundproofing America.

Call toll free (877) 530-0139

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