Thursday, June 29, 2006

Whats up with that Green Glue Stuff???

The Soundproofing Industry is all a buzz about a new soundproofing product called, oddly enough, "Green Glue". Green Glue is a visco elastic dampening compound that isolates one sheet of drywall from the other. Green Glue is applied directly to the back of a new sheet of drywall that will be screwed up to existing drywall that is already up on existing walls and ceilings. No need to demo your walls and ceiling to soundproof. Green glue acts as both an isolator and a dampening material that deadens the joist or stud structure but at the same time isolating the newly installed drywall from the existing drywall and structure assembly. The longer the Green Glue has to cure the better the results you will achieve.
Green Glue can also be used on sub floors for impact protection from hardwood or ceramic tiles floors in upper units. The Green Glue is applied to the floor with a standard large caulk gun and you simply squirt out the Green Glue in an "S” pattern as evenly as possible prior to placing down the second sub floor and then finally installing a wood or tile floor. Green Glue is a superb sound insolator and will stop the majority of both impact noise and airborne noise from traveling down to the unit below. Green Glue is revolutionizing the soundproofing industry and Soundproofing America is proud to be at the fore front of this revolution and please to introduce Green Glue to the public.

As Always,Dr. Bob

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