Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Green Glue is here and ready for immediate delivery

Soundproofing America now has the Green Glue in stock and ready for immediate delivery!! This revolutionary product has set the standard for the soundproofing industry. Green Glue is a visco Elastic Dampener that is applied between layers of sheetrock. The glue acts like a resilient barrier and allows the sheetrock to resonate or move much like a floated wall or ceiling. The Green glue also isolates the new layer of drywall from the old drywall and the structure. This isolation is the same, as you would find in a floated ceiling or wall. The Green glue is easier to ship and gives you the same soundproofing as mass loaded vinyl or even lead.
Green glue is also quite effective at blocking low frequency sound. Low frequency sound reduction is what most people are looking for in a soundproofing product. Green Glue is excellent at stopping low frequency noise from passing through walls and ceilings and is also a great product to use on floors in conjunction with to stop both airborne and impact noise from passing through and going down to the neighbor below.
For some outstanding soundproofing call the pros at Soundproofing America and ask them about Green Glue.

As Always,
Dr. Bob
Technical Advisor
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