Monday, February 06, 2006

Pool pump and Filter silencing

We have fielded a lot of requests asking how to silence a loud pool pump or pool filter. The best method is to construct an enclosure around the pump or filter and then treat the inside of the enclosure with a soundproofing agent. There are a couple of very weather resistant materials that can be used to line the inside of a barrier or enclosure. One is a closed cell vinyl nitrile foam mat (America Mat) this material can be glues to the inside of a barrier or enclosure and will absorb and block the pump or filter noises and help to silence these devices.
The second material is one called "Silent Panel" these panels are extremely weather resistant and are higly effective for quelling loud pumps and filters. The silent panels are more decorative than the closed cell foam mat and therefore might be the obvious choice if aesthetics are important. The silent panels come in 1" and 2" versions and each panel is 2' X 4'. They are easily cut with a band saw or even a sharp razor knife. These panels come in white or charcoal, but they can also be painted with a light spray. Generally vinyl or latex paints are recommended. The paint will not diminish the soundproofing capabilities of the Silent panels.

If you are interested in either of these wonderful products, please call us toll free for additional information or to order these products. Thanks for reading.

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