Thursday, January 26, 2006

Home Theater and Studio Soundproofing

With winter in full bloom, many home bound folks are thinking about that new basement home theater or music practice studio. The calls for help have been pouring in. Many people know exactly what they need down to the last square inch, others have bare framed out walls and need to know where to go from there. It doesn't matter what level of soundproofing expertise you possess, here at Soundproofing America we are here to help. Sure we are about making a living, but we are also about providing accurate and sound advice (no pun intended).
When you are getting ready to deck out the basement or garage it is always best to consult a professional, especially if the information they provide is free.
Whether you are soundproofing a closet for home voice overs, or you are building a full scale home recording studio, doesn't it make sense to contact an expert before throwing away thousands of dollars on systems that simply don't work?
If we don't have a ready answer for your home soundproofing questions, we have the resources to get that answer for you within a matter of hours. If you need helpful advice as far as soundproofing or acoustical treatments options, whether you buy from us or not, please call the pro's at Soundproofing America your #1 Soundproofing Resource on the Internet.

As Always,

Bob O.
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