Saturday, January 21, 2006

Coming soon, The New Acoustiwall Track System.

We will soon be offering the new Acoustiwall sound absorption panels. This system is employs a track system that combines the the absorption of bonded acoustical cotton panels with the finished look of the Guilford 701 fabric covering. The new Acoustiwall system can be easily installed in any auditorium, church sanctuary, or gymnasium to give you the finest in reflective sound reduction. These panels when installed properly can reduce reverb times dramatically in any situation or large venue. They are the answer you have been looking for to reduce unwanted echo and sound reflection while adding a touch of class to any auditorium or indoor stadium situation. This system gives the end user a wide array of color choices and the ease of installation makes this product a must have for any large indoor venue.
Live concerts sound harsh and reflective when the walls are bare and untreated. The Acoustiwall system softens the harsh atmosphere in large auditoriums and makes the live music all that much more enjoyable. I am sure you have been to concerts where your favorite artist sounded like they were playing inside a dumpster. I know I have. That's why we are so excited about offering this product to the public. The acoustiwall is the perfect addition to your restaurant, cafe, nite club, or any area where excess reverberation and reflective noise is a problem.
Please visit us regularly at and watch for the new Acoustiwall track system.

As Always,

Bob O.
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