Thursday, July 27, 2006

Soundproofing limited time offer on Mass Loaded vinyl for August

For the month of August 2006 with every full roll purchase of mass loaded vinyl purchased, we will include 1 tube of acoustical caulk and one roll of seam sealer tape with your order.We usually reserve free caulk and tape for orders over 10 rolls but for the month of August all you have to say is "Hey, Gimme my free caulk and tape", when you purchase your mass loaded vinyl. It is that simple. The right caulk and tape is essential with any mass loaded vinyl installation. We want our customers to attain the best soundproofing possible. This special will be announced on the website but in the meantime anyone who reads this blog and is in the market for mass loaded vinyl will now be able to get this complete package deal. Shipping is exactly what it is, we never mark up our shipping costs. Here's the bottom line, we want to be America's Soundproofing Company!! We already beat everyone's price on quality Soundproofing and acoustical treatment products, and now we offer free stuff with the purchase of MLV, what next?? Free Green Glue??? NOT, well maybe, we'll see. Take us up on our free caulk and tape offer, you'll thank us for it when you're relaxing in the peace and quite. Thanks, we hope to be hearing from you soon
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