Saturday, July 29, 2006

American Sound Isolation Tape

The American sound Isolation tape is a great way to give you new home or addition some good soundproofing without spending a fortune. This sound isolation tape comes I 100 lineal ft rolls and it 1 17/16 “ wide or basically the width of a stud or joist end. You simply peel off the backing and adhere to the Iso tape to all of the studs or the joist prior to screwing in the sheetrock. This will isolate the stud or joist structure from the finished drywall. This isolation helps to reduce airborne sound transmission as well as structure borne transmission through the studs or joists.
There is another method that employs the Iso tape and that is to double layer it one every other stud or joist. If your studs are 16 OC then you will be taping the joists or studs at 32” OC and once you have double taped every other stud, you will screw your drywall into every other stud. This will not only give you the isolation of the wood or steel structure from the outer wallboard, but it will give you the same effect as staggered studs. This method can be employed on both sides of the studs and to the end facings of joists. You can even tape the joists above before installing a sub floor, which will help to isolate the sub floor from the joists and the ceiling below. If you are in the process of new construction or remodeling where you have removed all drywall, taping the studs and joists with the American Isolation tape is essential. For more information on this or any of our quality soundproofing products, please call or e-mail the professionals at Soundproofing America.

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