Monday, October 02, 2006

The Green Glue Calculator

For all you Green Glue fans, there is a new calculator out that tells you exactly how much Green Glue you'll need to complete your job. If you want to use the calculator simply go to: and you can calculate just how much Green Glue you will need for for you project. In other words you will plug in the length, width and the height of a wall or the length and width of your ceiling, and simply plug those numbers into the calculator and it will tell you precisely how much Green Glue you will need to complete your job. This calculator only calculates 50% coverage and 100% coverage. If you need to know how much Green Glue you will need if you are using 3 tubes per sheet of drywall, simply get you complete sq footage and divide that number by 32 which is the sq footage of a sheet of 4' X 8' drywall. Once you have divided the complete sq footage by 32 then multiply that number by 3 which will tell you exactly how many tubes you will need to a 3 tube per sheet application. If you ever need help with your Green Glue application, please call the professionals @ we will be happy to help you calculate the amount of Green Glue you need for you entire project.
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