Friday, August 11, 2006

Soundproofing your computer

Soundproofing a computer CPU is not a costly or difficult task. Many of the Macs out there are very loud and could use a good dose of soundproofing as well. Basically our recommendation is to remove the CPU cover and line the inside of the cover with a closed cell vinyl nitrile foam mat. We call this product "America Mat". You will need to glue the America mat to the inside of the CPU cover. The America mat will both block and absorb sound and will stop the cover from vibrating with the frequencies of the fans and the hard drives. If you are able to adhere the America mat to the fan side of the CPU that is also a good idea. I have actually had customers wrap the 1/2" America mat around thier hard drived to quell the noise. Now I do not recommend this as the hard drives need adequate ventilation in order to operate properly. I am just saying that I have had customers actually wrap hard drives in the closed cell foam mat.
Lastly it is always a good idea to construc a small baffle that would direct the exhaust fans airflow down towards the floor. A baffle would be something like louver or a deflector that directs both the air as well as the sound down towards the floor. This baffle should also be lined with the America mat. This will stop much of the fan noise from your computer fans.
The 1/2" America mat is $10 per lineal ft and the 1/4" is $5 per lineal ft. A lineal foot gives you 4 sq ft of material as the rolls of mat are 4' wide. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
Soundproofing your computer
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