Friday, August 11, 2006

Soundproofing in New York

It's a well known fact that New Yorkers know how to live large but in small and confined quarters, and even if that space is underneath a bar or nite club, it's okay cause the rent is cheap. But as time passes that basement apartment or flat begins to grind on your nerves, and you swear if you hear just one more Willy Nelson or even New York Lou Reed ditty from that damned Jukebox, someone's gonna pay. The problem is that usually you are the one who pays with your sleep, or lack there of. This is one of those times when sleep means more than the almighty dollar. It's obvious that a lack of sleep can affect every part of your daily life, especially in New York City. Last June I teamed up with one of the best New Yorkers in the City. He's the Senior Real Estate Columnist for The New York Times, Jay Romano. Jay did a piece on soundproofing in the city and the unique sound issues facing New Yorkers. New York has it all, subway noise, aircraft noise, apartment to apartment noise...Hey, Shaddap Vinny!!!! It is a 7-24 never ending story. I think the only time it stopped was on September 11th, and then it was only for a few minutes. The noise in New York is definitely unique but the methods for treating it are the same. If you are in New York and have soundproofing issues please call the experts at Soundproofing America, Inc. They will help you solve your noise problems and not empty your wallet in the process. If there are soundproofing materials at Home Depot or Lowe's that will work for you, we'll tell you about them. With the price of Real Estate these days, the rest of the country is beginning to feel the pinch just like New York has for over 50 years .

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