Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Green Glue Revolution

Green Glue has caused a revolution in the Soundproofing Industry. It is an extremely effective visco-elastic dampening compound that is placed between 2 layers of drywall providing a dampening barrier as well as a very effective isolator. The dampening effect of the Green Glue actually prevents structure borne sound transmission, which in turn prevents unwanted noise flanking.
Green Glue is used in a sandwich between 2 layers of a rigid material such as to layers of drywall or MDF and drywall or even Homasote and drywall. Green Glue can offer up to 100 times the dampening of a single layer of ½” drywall. This is important to know when dealing with Impact noise from above. The greater dampening there is in the structure and the wallboard, the more effectively Impact noise will be alleviated.
Green Glue is one of the most popular soundproofing agents used in homes offices and industrial units where construction is complete. The fact that Green Glue uses the existing drywall as part of it sound dampening ability saved the owner both time and money.
Green Glue is easy to use and is the perfect product for that DIY soundproofing project that you have wanted to do for years.
Green Glue is the perfect addition to a floated wall or ceiling assembly that would be using the sound clips and furring channels or even RC-1 resilient channels. Because of the dampening abilities of the Green Glue, both resilient channel and Sound clips systems will be much more effective.
We have also found that Green Glue works perfectly with premium floor underlays such as the American Impact Standard and the American Impact Pro. You simply apply the Green Glue to the existing sub floor and then lay down the soundproof flooring and then finally your finished floor. The combination of the Flooring and the Green Glue gives the floor assembly a much higher STC rating as well as higher IIC (Impact Isolation Coefficient) numbers. This combination of materials stops both airborne noise as well as impact noise from ever being transmitted into the sub structure or into the ceiling below. Green Glue can also be used as both a dampening and adhesive compound for beneath a double sub floor if that is required for the installation of a ceramic tile or marble floor.
For the best performance in walls we suggest that you construct 2 separate wall assemblies with separate headers and footers and a 2” – 3” gap between the wall assemblies. Next you would screw up a layer of ½” drywall on both sides of the wall with a layer of Green Glue applied to the final layer of drywall. This system will give you the ultimate in wall soundproofing.
The uses for Green Glue seem to be unlimited; it can be used in all wall and ceiling assemblies as well as most types of floor and sub floor applications. Green Glue is great for new construction as well as remodeling or reconstruction projects. One of the greatest advantages of Green Glue is ease of installation and low over all cost of the product itself. Customers rave about the effectiveness of the Green Glue and it is fast becoming a household name. If you want Green Glue at the absolute best price in the nation with low cost flat rate per case shipping, call the professionals at Soundproofing America toll free at (877) 530-0139 and well send out your order that same day guaranteed.
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