Monday, October 02, 2006

Soundproofing your car, truck or SUV

For many of us in this modern day world, their car is like a second home. Often times we are confined to our vehicles for long periods of time driving to work or other places. The time spent in our cars can be made much more enjoyable by lessening the amount of noise that we hear inside the passenger compartment. The upper end car lines such as Cadillac and Mercedes have long pursued the soundproofing of a vehicle. The "Cadillac" sound quality can be achieved in any automobile by following a few easy steps to deal with noise in three areas of your automobile. Installation: Cut America Mat to size by using an electric carving knife (like the one the wife uses on Thanksgiving for the turkey). Remove current hood liner and clean the underside of the hood thoroughly, then spray both America Mat and your hood surface with contact cement. Let both the mat and hood get tacky and then apply material. You will find that you will hear a noticeable difference in the noise reduction in your passenger compartment from this simple, inexpensive sound control solution. The second area of concern is the floorboard area of your vehicle. Often road vibration will transmit up through the floorboards of your car causing excessive noise. Using America's Best Mass Loaded Vinyl, a composite of Mass Loaded Vinyl with a sound absorbent closed cell foam mat, can solve this problem. The Mass Loaded Vinyl acts as a reflective material bouncing sound back towards the road while the closed cell foam absorbs sound before it gets to your passenger area. Application: This materials comes in 54" wide material (4 ½') and can be easily placed under your carpeting and spot glued to stay in place. Remember, the foam must face down towards the floor pan of the vehicle. You then seal this material with acoustical caulk, and then reinstall your carpet kit. The third area of reduction is the door panels and headliner. In both of these areas you should use America Mat usually in 1/4" to 3/4" thicknesses. A lot depends on the amount of space you have between the roof of the car and the headliner. The combination of these three steps will result in a significant reduction of noise within your passenger and engine compartments.

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