Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Professional Soundproofing in America

When you are looking for professional advice and information on soundproofing, you won't do better than the experts at Soundproofing America. We offer timely and cost saving soundproofing information for almost any soundproofing project out there. We realize that the competition in the Soundproofing industry is fierce, but there are not many companies that can offer the after sale support that the professionals and Soundproofing America can. It doesn't matter if you are soundproofing 150 homes in a sub division, or simply soundproofing a pool pump motor, we are here to help. Our areas of expertise encompass, but are not limited to, Soundproofing an office, soundproofing a home theater, soundproofing a home recording studio, creating a soundproof room, converting a garage into a soundproof recording area, creating a basement home theater or quiet room, soundproofing a fence, remodel soundproofing, and a host of other soundproofing and sound conditioning projects. As stated before, when you have noise issues, the last person you want to talk to is a "Salesman". With soundproofing America, you will get the facts about soundproofing, we cut through all the hype and get you your immediate issues.
As you already know, both Scott and I worked for a Soundproofing Company in the same local area, but were disillusioned with the lack of concern for the customers and the worship of the "Almighty Dollar". We made the decision in October of last year to take our expertise in soundproofing and open our own company, and though the internet has not been our best friend, it has been friendly enough to allow us to make a living at this. We have a long way to go, but we have also come a long way since the first of October 2004.
I am not bad mouthing the competition, we simply use the "Golden rule" approach when dealing with our valued customers. I don't think you'll find those kinds of ethics in most companies out there, let alone soundproofing companies.
In essence, I just wish to thank both our loyal past customers and to also welcome out new customers. We welcome your comments.

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